We’re delighted to announce that Excel Racing Limited is collaborating with The Racing Manager to enhance our ownership experience. The Racing Manager is an exciting new communications site where you, as owners, will enjoy regular updates and information regarding your horse/s in training in one central hub that can be accessed via a mobile phone app.

As a syndicate we are always looking to improve the service our owners get and regular communication is an essential part of that. It is important to us at Excel Racing to be in the vanguard of innovation, especially if it helps us to improve our user experience. Hopefully this is an opportunity that will do that.

The Racing Manager software allows full access to:

  • Online platform for sharing messages, pictures and videos privately to your ownership group and for receiving updates from your trainer and manager
  • Extensive access to live Timeform data on your horse
  • The option to share the ownership experience with friends and family as a sole owner
  • Notifications of your horse’s entries, declarations and changes in official ratings
  • Free racing replays from Racing UK and At The Races
  • Pre-race notifications and ICS commentary services
  • Tailored blog posts by industry journalists & experts
  • Comprehensive support for racing beginners
  • Enhanced race day experience